The Duggal Greenhouse at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Photo courtesy Duggal Visual Solutions
Photo courtesy Duggal Visual Solutions

IN THE COLD DEPTHS OF LAST WINTER, a rare spark: Alexander Wang had chosen the Duggal Greenhouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard for his Fall/Winter 2014 show. On Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, everyone was scandalized; on our Fifth Avenue, we didn’t bat an eye.

Two years ago, the Duggal Greenhouse was essentially a parking lot for cranes used at the 1 World Trade Center site. Now, it’s one of Brooklyn’s premiere event spaces, giving over its 35,000 square feet of space to make way for Lady Gaga’s release party, Beyoncé’s pre-tour rehearsals, and Dior’s Cruise 2015 show, among other big name events.

“Maybe New York is absolutely the financial capital of the world, but Brooklyn is the city’s heart and soul. It’s the cultural capital of the world,” says Baldev Duggal, the source of Greenhouse’s namesake and founder of Duggal Visual Solutions. “When you look at this space, it talks to you.”

And talk isn’t cheap. A day at the Duggal Greenhouse costs quite a bit; but according to Duggal, it’s worth it.

“The only thing people will sometimes fight is that the Greenhouse is expensive,” says Duggal. “But I don’t want Brooklyn to be cheap. To me, Brooklyn is the next place. We’re just getting started.”


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