New York Post Sex Survey Is Terrible, Says Nothing

A New York City sexter consults her iSext 4. (Image: NY Post/Shutterstock)
A New York City sexter consults her iSext 4. (Image: NY Post/Shutterstock)

The New York Post surveyed a little over a thousand of its readers this summer to unlock the secrets of New York’s sex lives. “Half of the respondents were single, and 69 percent were men.” So, you know, a pretty broad slice of the city.

Most of the survey is pretty unremarkable except as lowbrow clickbait (and wildly heteronormative clickbait at that). What it does tell us, if anyone wondered, is that 53 percent of the 1,100+ people surveyed have given a “hall pass” to a significant other for sleeping with someone outside of the relationship. (55 percent of hall passes were issued to celebrities.) The survey also found that men like breasts, size doesn’t matter (for breasts? unclear), and virtually no one thinks Letterman is hot—at least not compared to Fallon. Also, folks are pretty evenly divided on the attractiveness of Bill de Blasio.

The most/only startling statistic in the whole survey is that nearly half of respondents (47 percent) claim to sext “multiple times per day.” Even if we assume that the 69 percent men and 31 percent women responded “yes” to this question in identical proportion, it seems extreme. Is this specific to the Post readership? Is this supposed to represent the city as a whole? Are 3 million of you out there sexting through lunch? Brooklyn Magazine poll TK.

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