Street Legal: Five Brooklyn Style Stars in Their Natural Environment

Photo by Aubrey Smith
Photo by Aubrey Smith

Lougè Delcy, Dapper LouIf you don’t already know this lifelong Brooklynite from Instagram, you should just ask any of the 41,000 followers tracking his many escapades. Delcy can make even the most commonplace of images—the hood of an old car, the Brooklyn Bridge from below—appear as though they’ve been shot on a tropical island.

Place of Birth:
I was born in Flatbush and raised in Sheepshead Bay.

Currently Resides:
East Flatbush.

I wear a lot of hats—photographer, stylist, creative director, and businessman. But my main medium is photography, so I’ll stick to that for now.

On how he got into fashion:
I knew I wanted to work in fashion but didn’t know where to start. I did random styling gigs but was completely dependant on photographers to send over images. When I purchased my camera, I became obsessed because I was able to produce work at my own pace. I worked part-time at a shoe store and gradually, my hobby turned into a career.

Favorite article of clothing:
I would have to say my backpack. It’s the one accessory I own that looks better the more I use it.

Best fashion advice he’s ever received:
To keep it simple. I used to think you had to be bold to make a statement, but then started to realize there is an elegance in simplicity.

Favorite neighborhood:
Bed-Stuy, hands down. I lived there for four years and met so many interesting people. Every so often street venders would sell products on their stoops, left and right new restaurants popped up, epic house parties, and the most stylish bikers riding by.

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