4 Bars, One Neighborhood: Explore the Glories of Windsor Terrace

photo via Yelp
photo via Yelp

In our second installment of getting you out of three block radius in which you spend most of your time, welcome to the sun-dappled and family-friendly world of Windsor Terrace. “What is this quaintly-monikered neighborhood?” you wonder to yourself. “Why have I never heard of it, and is this something that real estate people made up to sell shoddy high-rises that are actually in Flatbush?”  The answer to all of your quandaries is simple — Windsor Terrace is a really nice, relatively expensive but otherwise pleasant neighborhood sandwiched between Park Slope and Kensington. It is Nancy Meyers-movie Brooklyn, brownstone Brooklyn, the Brooklyn of Amy Sohn’s high-brow trashy novel Prospect Park West. It’s the Brooklyn that makes people who never considered Brooklyn start saving their pennies in the hopes of settling down into a nice garden-level floor-through with crown molding. It’s Prospect Park-adjacent Brooklyn, green and pretty in the spring and summer, romantic in winter, purposeful in the fall. Here’s a few suggestions for a couple of places to hang if you happen to find yourself in the neighborhood.

First, feed yourself properly, because you’re an adult, and any adult knows that bar crawls require a hearty and substantial belly of food. The first stop on this party train is Krupa Grocery, a new full-service cafe/restaurant/bar that really does it all. If you’re ambitious, get there at 7am, when they open and get some coffee and a pastry. If you’re taking it a little easier these days, mosey in for brunch, where you have the option of a lot of really, really delicious things to eat. Try their country toast with pickled jalapeños and pimento cheese, and wash it down with Brooklyn’s own Kelso Carroll Gardens Witte.

Krupa Grocery, 231 Prospect Park West

Properly sated, waddle down the street to one of Windsor Terrace’s newest additions, The Adirondack, which is a cozy little place that is literal steps way from the Fort Hamilton subway stop. It’s a nice neighborhood spot in a neighborhood that barely has any spots, and the decor is very hunting-lodge-by-way-of-set-designer: a mural of a mountain scene takes up one wall, and there are a variety of woodsy touches. Once you’re in, you’ll find a well-curated and impressive beer menu, focusing on brews from New York State. Try the Finback Fort Tildenist, a white IPA named after everybody’s favorite local nude beach.

The Adirondack, 1241A Prospect Avenue, Windsor Terrace

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via Facebook

It’s time to eat again! Hustle over to the Double Windsor, which for a very long time, was one of the only places in this neighborhood that was even vaguely bar-like. It’s a good little place, close to the park, but dark and cool inside, with a pretty amazing list of craft beers by draft, bottle or can. The menu is pretty impressive too — the BLT is served with a grilled ramp aioli! How fancy!  Order that, because it is delicious and bacon will cure just about everything that ails you, and wash it down with really, any beer from their menu, which is extensive and diverse. How about the long-winded The Kimmie, The Yink and the Holy Gose, from Anderson Valley Brewing Company? If sour beers aren’t your thing, a safe bet is the Midnight Sun Hop Dog Double Wheat IPA, which is like the well-behaved child of a brash, hoppy IPA and a smooth, quiet wheat beer. You can’t go wrong either way, so settle in for a sec, and relax. You made it to September. You deserve it.

The Double Windsor, 210 Prospect Park West

Photo by Brooke Goldman
Photo by Brooke Goldman

You could very easily end the night at the Double Windsor, but keep it together just long enough to visit Farrell’s, conveniently located across the street. This move is probably going to be where you lose your beer snob friend, and the people that you’re with that don’t like the actual smell of a bar, but those brave soldiers that have stuck it out with you to the bitter end will be rewarded with the coldest beer you’ll find, served in styrofoam cups. It’s a dive bar in the truest sense, but really, nothing ends the night better than an ice-cold Bud. Take it to go, if you dare, or just finish it standing in the cooling night as you look for a cab.

Farrell’s, 215 Prospect Park West

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