Miranda July Just Launched a Very Confusing Messaging App

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 11.28.41 AM

In case you find methods like texting, calling, Snapchatting, direct messaging, Yo-ing, and gchatting just too direct for your liking, artist and ur-twee film director Miranda July has got you covered. This morning, July launched her own messaging app, Somebody, which promises to turn all your text messages into confusing performance art involving strangers.

July created the app in collaboration with Miu Miu because sure, ok, why not. Here’s what Somebody does: Instead of sending a message directly to the person you want to contact, it sends it to a stranger, who delivers it verbally. So if you’d prefer to bring in complete randos into your personal drama or if you miss that whole telephone aspect of middle school communication, then this is the app for you! Here is a video to demonstrate:

The problem (well, not the only problem) is that the app required a kind of critical mass of users in order to work. There can be no strangers to relay messages for you if quite a few people aren’t already using it. Will it work? Probably not. Is it a good idea? Only if the idea of a strange person coming up to you and saying “Jenny tells you LOL meet at 9” sounds like a good plan.



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