Brooklyn Beer Bar Guide: 4th Avenue Pub


Photos by Austin McAllister
Photos by Austin McAllister

If you’re hanging out on that weird strip of 4th Avenue, right near Barclay’s, in the hinterlands between fancy Park Slope and Fort Greene, there’s plethora of bars to choose from.  You could go to any number of bars, really, but do yourself a favor and step into the 4th Avenue Pub. It’s a great place to have a beer, and if you’ve stepped into any number of bars and gotten the wrong vibe, do yourself a favor and enter the welcoming embrace of the 4th Avenue Pub, a cozy little spot that specializes in craft beers and good times. Check it out, after the jump.

Number Of Taps: If you walk into this joint, you’re probably not expecting to get the massive amount of taps, but there are 24 solid craft beer choices to choose from, with a list that’s updated pretty frequently. Try the Founders Dissenter Imperial IPL, for something a little different, or the cult classic Arrogant Bastard Ale (on tap!) from California’s Stone Brewing Company. 

Number of Bottles: They have 52 bottled offerings, so take your pick from pretty much whatever you want. If you’re feeing reckless — or adventurous — try the Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter, a big, high ABV porter name in tribute of Hunter S. Thompson.

Vibes: The bartenders are super friendly, very knowledgeable  ands willing to talk to you about the multitude of questions you might have about the menu.

Typical Crowd: This bar doesn’t get too crazy except for the pre-Barclay’s crowd.


Music: There’s a jukebox if you want to take things into your own hands and play DJ.

Price: Pretty standard, for a place with such a great selection. The imports will run you a lithe higher, but thats what you get for the good stuff.

Food: No food to speak of, but, free popcorn! Unlimited amounts of popcorn, which is a huge plus in our book.

Seating: There’s a long bar and some tables and booths in the back, so it never feels too crowded.

Outdoor Space:  The yard here is spacious and pleasant, with plenty of space for night-long hangs or a nice beer on a sunny afternoon.


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