Some Park Slope Teens Have Created Push For Pizza, A Pizza Delivery App With Only One Button

Some Park Slope Teens Have Created Push For Pizza, A Pizza Delivery App With Only One Button
Tagline: “Yeah, it’s real.”

“Seamless… feels like planning a wedding,” according to one of the five founders of what might be the most Brooklyn app ever to exist (though his joke can actually be attributed to Valleywag’s Sam Biddle, who Gchatted with another one of the founders last week). Push For Pizza, which was built by a group of Park Slope teenagers, is exactly what it sounds like: You push a button, and pizza is automatically delivered to your door.

The group is made up of five childhood friends—recent Midwood High School graduate Cyrus Summerlin and Max Hellerstein, who deal with the business and creative side, both dropped out of college their freshman year, while the other three, Will Haack and Demitri Nava, who study at MIT, and Graham Carling, currently at Brown, build the app’s back end.

Push For Pizza works like this: After inputting your information and credit card number, (and, you know, pushing the button), the app uses’s participating pizzerias to find the nearest location, and automatically selects it for you—and yes, if it’s, say, a Domino’s or that place you once walked by and saw one of the cooks picking his nose, you have the option of selecting any other restaurant in your delivery area. For now, the only two options are cheese and pepperoni, and there’s no way to determine what size you’ll be getting (though most of the pizzas cost around $15, so your pie will likely be a medium or large.)

Like many so-dumb-they’re-brilliant ideas, Summerlin and Hellerstein came up with Push For Pizza “when hunger struck as that sat around a living room while smoking something,” a fact that’s somewhat reflected in the (extremely funny) promo video below:

“We are all just kids who love pizza, and technology,” Hellerstein told Biddle. Asked where he’d like to be in five years, he said, “I hope to be in a really cool office with fancy drinks and ping pong tables and unlimited pizza,” adding, “and potentially a pizza jet.” So do we, man.

Full review to come at lunchtime.

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