Brooklyn Beer Bar Guide: Rosamunde Sausage Grill

Photos by Austin McAllister
Photos by Austin McAllister

Rosamunde Sausage Grill is a San Francisco institution that, like so many other places, has found a successful home in Brooklyn. The original location is a tiny storefront on a nondescript stretch of Haight Street, next to Toronado, one of the country’s top destination for craft beer. You order a sausage, then push your way through the barn door that connects the two and eat, drink and be merry. They’ve done their best to recreate the same experience in the Brooklyn outpost, and they’ve done a pretty good job. It’s a nice, pleasant place to get a beer and a bite in the neighborhood. Let’s take a closer look after the jump.

Number of Taps: The New York iteration of Rosamunde boasts an impressive tap list of 24, with a focus on European imports and rarer offerings from Magic Hat and local favorite Single Cut. If you find yourself there, you’ve a bevy of options to pick from. If your palate has tired of the onslaught of IPAs, try the SingleCut Mad Michael Flying V Sour Lagrrr!, which is a sour lager — something that sounds gross, but in practice, is quite good, and a lovely change from all of the mouth-puckering sours out there now.

 Number of Bottles: You’ll find 20 bottles or so, with the same focus on imports. Something we don’t see that often is the Delerium Deleria, which is a limited edition offering from Delerium, a hearty blonde ale brewed by women on International Women’s Day. If you can get past the lady label, this is a solid choice.

Vibes: Never too crowded, and never very rowdy, this bar has a sort of polish that its original San Francisco location lacks, but it’s still a lovely place to get some food, drink a beer and relax.

Seating: There’s a bar that you can sidle up to, and the interior is populated with long, communal tables. It’s great for groups or if you want to enjoy your fancy beer and sausage in solitude.


Price: The beers are a little pricy, but that’s what you get for imports. Most pints will run you around $7-$9, with some of the rarer offerings in the double digits.

Typical Crowd:  You’ll find a hearty assortment of craft beer nerds and people who are genuinely passionate about sasuage, which honestly, isn’t a bad mix.

Music: It skews on the loud side, but for the most part, it’s an eclectic mix of whatever the bartender feels like listening to. It could be Michael Jackson or it could be some of Journey’s deep cuts.

Food: There is no better place in Brooklyn to try every different kind of sausage your heart could desire, and there are even options for our vegan friends, as well. The menu is extensive, so I suggest you take a gander for yourself, but we recommend the wild boar, the merguez and the knockwurst.

Outdoor Space: None really to speak of, but you can certainly stand outside if you want.


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