5 Questions With Indie-Soul Singer Grace Weber


“5 Questions With” is a series spotlighting some of Brooklyn’s most exciting and influential creatives. (You can explore our archive of picks here.)

26-year-old indie soul singer Grace Weber grew up listening to the greats: Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughn. Powerful women with even more powerful voices, their influence continues to resonate in the ballad-esque grooves of her debut LP, The Refinery. Drop the needle on her SoundCloud page, while you check out her Brooklyn picks, after the jump.

What is the record you’ve listened to most in your life? Joni Mitchell, Blue.

What’s a Brooklyn-based band to look out for? I’m a huge fan of The Spring Standards. Their record Yellow//Gold was my soundtrack for an entire summer and seeing them live is incredible. Listen to their songs ‘Only Skin’ and ‘Unravel Unwind.’ The lyrics are heart wrenching.

What’s your favorite place to see a show? I love seeing music at Rockwood. There’s something really special about discovering a new band in Stage 1. The little room has this magic energy and when a buzzing up and coming artist takes the stage, it’s like their future career flashes before your eyes and you realize you’re witnessing something before it takes off. All three rooms at Rockwood are amazing places to be able to soak in music and really hear each individual element of an artist’s sound. For bigger shows, I love Town Hall because although it’s a large theater, it still feels incredibly intimate.

What’s your favorite Brooklyn bar? Muchmore’s. They have a few laundry machines in the back, so you can do your laundry while you drink. I’ve done that before and while it’s a little weird because the laundry machines are located in what seems to be their storage room, they have great beer that helps make the process go much faster. It’s sort of a goofy vibe overall, but it has this super low key, small town or almost New Orleans charm about it that transports you out of New York the moment you walk in. Plus, they have a music and comedy venue attached to the bar as well.

What’s your go-to drink? I’m a beer girl. I usually like to try whatever local beer is on tap at whatever bar I’m at. I also am always happy with a Tecate and lime in my hand. My go to when I’m visiting family back in Wisconsin though is always New Glarus, Spotted Cow or any of the MKE Brewing Company beers.


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