Brooklyn Beer Bar Guide: Mugs Ale House



Perched on an unassuming corner of Bedford Avenue, Mugs Ale House seems like your standard dive bar, but step inside, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that it’s actually a craft beer oasis.  Beer nerdery aside, Mugs really does have something for everyone: a jukebox for your picky friend who hates fun but loves metal, bar food that’s like the diner from your hometown in the best way, and a selection of beers that will get even the pickiest beer aficionado to come out from her cave. Let’s take a closer look, after the jump.

Number of Taps:  It’s no surprise that the home of Brooklyn’s leading home brewing and beer appreciation club, The Malted Barley Appreciation society, has around twenty-six beers on tap that rotate frequently.  The beer list is clearly curated by someone who truly loves beer, and you will find something for every discerning palate. Out of their offerings, we like the Single Cut Half Stack, which is a pleasantly hoppy, smooth drinking IPA.

Number of Bottles: The bottle selection here is insane, with over a hundred on the list. If you can’t find something you like here, well, we can’t help you there. Take a peek at their menu instead, and find something that strikes your fancy.

Vibes: If you hd your doubts about finding a relaxed place to just sit down and drink a beer on Bedford Avenue, Mugs will erase them from your mind. It’s never too crowded, the bartenders are friendly and it’s in general a very chill place.

Music: There’s a jukebox with a wide range of music, from metal to 90s hip hop to whatever your little heart desires. You’re in charge of your own destiny here, so don’t abuse that privilege.

Price: Once again, reasonable! This isn’t the kind of place where you’re going to pay $8 for a bottle of Blue Moon.

Seating: There’s a big bar and lots of tables inside, and the bar itself is spacious without feeling cavernous and weird.

Outdoor Space: The little backyard is one of Williamsburg’s best kept secrets.  Walking inside the place, you wouldn’t even suspect that they had a yard, but once you find it, you won’t want to leave.

Food: The fare here is your standard bar food, but they have some of the best wings we’ve ever had and a pretty solid burger, too.

Typical Crowd: You’ll run into a lot of different people here, but it’s in no way a “scene”, like some other spots in the area can be.


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