5 Questions With: The Prettiots


“5 Questions With” is a series spotlighting some of Brooklyn’s most exciting and influential creatives. (You can explore our archive of picks here.)

The Prettiots might be young, they might play the ukuleles, and at least one of their members may previously have been in a band called, specifically, Supercute — but don’t let that fool you. Their clever lyrics, catchy riffs, and (ahem) covers of Misfits songs, make them anything but just “cute.” Don’t believe us? Get a load of their “go-to drink,” after the jump.

Name: Kay Kasparhauser
Neighborhood: West Village/LES

Record listened to most in your life: I could give a really cool answer to show how advanced and eclectic my taste in music is, but honestly I know for a fact that there was about a year in ninth grade when I listened to You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine by Death From Above 1979 beginning to end almost every day. There are a lot of albums I have listened to a lot of times since then, but nothing beats early teenage obsession when it comes to sheer volume of listens.

Brooklyn based band to look out for: Baby Alpaca, they are amazing and beautiful and moving and rocking and perfect. I don’t know if they consider themselves Brooklyn-based but aren’t we all Brooklyn-based at heart, on a metaphysical level?

Fave place to see a show: I just saw Eyehategod at the Acheron and it was sick, besides that DBA always has a very special place in my heart.

Fave Brooklyn bar: The one set the lowest

Go-to drink: Virgin blood.


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