If You Read Brooklyn Magazine, You Might Be a #BrooklynNeck

Potential #BrooklynNeck Mike Birbiglia.
Potential #BrooklynNeck Mike Birbiglia.

Since tickets are now on sale for his upcoming show at BAM, comedian Mike Birbiglia has set off a flurry of jokes on Twitter (in a thinly veiled marketing ploy, we might add), in the style of the impossible-to-forget Jeff Foxworthy, all of which end in “…you might be a #BrooklynNeck.” A lot of the jokes sound like a table read for Portlandia, or something off the Conflict-Free-Plaid Collar Comedy Tour, but in spite of itself, the hashtag is accidentally astute.

#BrooklynNeck could indeed represent a significant shift in the way we talk about Brooklyn and the people who populate it. Now that the borough has been invaded accepted by the sorts of New Yorkers in the habit of labeling everything unusual or creative as “hipster,” which as a result now means virtually nothing, #BrooklynNeck may serve as a new distinction, one that denotes the particular twee of Bedford L Williamsburg that is acknowledged but eschewed by most of the rest of the borough.

Or, it could just be another way for every/anywhere people to shit on Brooklyn and its “hipsters.” Either way, this one’s on you, Mike.

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