New Japanese Charcoal Grill Spot Opening In Williamsburg

New Japanese Charcoal Grill Spot Opening In Williamsburg
Image: Food Republic

Between the possible closure of Spike Hill and the news that there’s now free wi-fi in East River State Park, you Williamsburgers must be feeling pretty overwhelmed. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that can be done about all that—your neighborhood just attracts these things—but at least life is never boring, right? Next up for Billyburg: A new robata joint.

First, what is robata? For those of you outside the foodie zeitgeist, robata is short for robatayaki, which is a Japanese cooking style that involves grilling various bites over hot charcoal. And soon, North Brooklynites indulge in Japan’s version of BBQ at Salt + Charcoal, a forthcoming robata joint at Bedford Avenue and Grand Street. According to Bedford + Bowery, Chef Jiro Iida (of Aburiya-Kinnosuke fame) will run things.

Per this Craigslist ad, which lists a ton of open positions at the new place, Salt + Charcoal will seat about 110, feature two floors and boast a bar/lounge with outdoor seating to boot. Patrons will be invited to enjoy an excellent selection of wine, sake, shochu and many an original cocktail while scarfing down on robata to their hearts’ content.

If all goes according to plan, Salt + Charcoal should open by late August.

151 Grand Street, Williamsburg

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