Bed Bugs Found On Three N Trains

Bed Bugs Found On Three N Trains
Image: Animal NY

Last week, we brought you a thorough ranking of all the subway lines that connect Brooklyn to not-Brooklyn via the Straphanger’s Campaign. Among our shining examples of transit was the N train, which came in 7th place out of 19th lines for many reasons, including its slightly below average but respectable 89% cleanliness rate. Well, the N train just fell straight down to 19th place.

Yesterday, the Daily News reported that three N trains had to be taken out of commission due to the discovery of bed bugs on board. Apparently, the little suckers infested the cushioned seats occupied by conductors and motormen. Two  of the trains were temporarily decommissioned on Sunday with a third withdrawn from service on Tuesday. All three trains were taken to the Coney Island train yard for extensive fumigation.

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  1. Bedbugs found in the AMC theater (amc 25) in Times Square!

    A couple of my friends posted photos on facebook a couple of months ago alerting all that the bedbug “epidemic in NYC” was NOT “officially over” as the NY Times and the tabloid/rags were claiming. They posted photos of their numerous bites and red and pink skin. I foolishly assumed (forgot?) the problem was taken care of-

    NOW I don’t know what kind of wizards Di-blah blah blah-sio has working for him but I went to a screening at AMC on tuesday and I was so severely bitten up by bed bugs that I had to miss a day of work and see 3 doctors consecutively. The first misdiagnosed me so I put on the cancer-cream (permethrin) which only agitated my condition. I couldn’t sleep so I took hydroxyzine which usually works for inflammation and allergies and sleep but it didn’t so then I resorted to a couple of benadryl, which most people know is a pretty sure bet to ruin your next day. I managed to sleep for 2 hours, only to wake up covered in blood. I scratched so hard in my sleep that I drew blood. I went to see a 2nd dr who gave me a week regimen of prednisone (yup, steroids) and then I went to see a dermatologist who confirmed they were bedbug bites (DUH!) after performing a biopsy.

    AMC has still been unavailable for comment (despite phone calls, email, and yes, even twitter)
    I will keep you posted-
    Jay Sharp

    ps- the worst part of this was I arrived moments before the screening on Tuesday and was forced to sit in the first row. So not only did I have a stiff neck for days, but it proves the theater must be INFESTED if EVEN THE FIRST ROW has bedbugs living in the seats!!!!


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