Greenpoint Bar Lulu’s Closing On August 9

Lulu's Closing On August 9
Image via Lulu’s

It’s the end of an era: Greenpoint’s Lulu’s is officially closing next month.

After, a rather protracted, three-month battle with their landlord, Lulu’s appears to have lost the fight. According to Greenpointers, owner John McGillion was unsuccessful in his lawsuit against the bar’s homophobic landlord, which would have given Lulu’s the right to become a gay bar in spite of the lease’s “anti-gay clause.” And to McGillion, the only way the bar could remain financially viable was by becoming a hotspot for gay nightlife.

Still, Lulu’s doesn’t plan on going quietly: On closing day, Saturday, August 9, the bar will host a massive grand finale show featuring the bands of former and current Lulu’s employees (as well as plenty of free pizza). Check the bar’s Facebook page for more details.

We’ll miss you, Lulu’s.

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  1. huh? want to know more re. what an “anti-gay clause” is and how that’s legal, and also McGillions idea that becoming a gay bar was the only way to keep it financially viable. also, fwiw, were lulu’s to become a full-time gay bar, wouldn’t that have basically ruined what it is now anyway? not that there’s anything wrong with that.


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