Dog Survives Being Thrown Off The BQE

Image via Gothamist

When not tattooing their dogs or kicking cats, it appears that Brooklyn’s Worst also enjoy throwing dogs off highways. Or at least that was the case last night when a pitbull was tossed from the BQE in Greenpoint.

According to Gothamist, around 6:30 last night, people near Meeker Avenue witnessed a 50-pound male pitbull falling from the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and onto the street below. Luckily, there were plenty of folks around and almost immediately, people at the scene started making the dog comfortable, giving him water and blankets.

Seeing blood flowing from his mouth and that he’d injured his leg, several witnesses called around to different animal hospitals, but most refused to help  unless the NYPD was already involved. Weird. Finally, police officers showed up after about 30 minutes and the dog, who has been affectionately dubbed Meeker, was transported to an animal hospital in Cobble Hill where it’s reported that he’s in stable condition, though he suffering from pneumothorax and the aforementioned hurt leg.

There’s no word yet on whether there’s a suspect (the whole thing seems to have happened very quickly), but here’s hoping that Meeker finds a much more loving home when he’s all better.

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  1. We have to start enforcing animal cruelty laws and not letting these sickos walk free. I understand the suspect vanished, but even if he/she hadn’t there wouldn’t be much more than a wrist slap. Today dogs, tomorrow humans.

  2. FYI: I was just in an animal hospital and happened to ask them what they do when someone can’t pay for services . Much like a regular hospital veterinary hospitals legally have to stabilize the animal and can then refer the owner/rescuer to places that are less expensive, services that can help etc. So always just bring the animal to a veterinary hospital ASAP!


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