Austin-based Juice Bar Coming to Park Slope

Image via JuiceLand
Image via JuiceLand

There once was a time when juice came in three flavors: orange, apple, and generic, pan-berry “fruit.” (There was also Tang.) This era lasted roughly from the beginning of human history until, I dunno, about 2006 maybe? It was a dark time, although a simpler one: the thirsty amongst us could simply enjoy juice for its refreshing, teeth-rotting qualities, sans the anxiety that accompanies juice-quaffing in these more complicated times. Where we once only asked ourselves if we were thirsty, now we wrestle with thornier juice questions: to cleanse, or not to cleanse? Does this qualify as lunch? Am I getting all my vitamins? And etc.

Now, of course, we’re spoiled for choice. Juice bars populate corners across the city (well, in some neighborhoods), micro-chains like Juice Press, Organic Avenue, and Liquiteria serving reminders (for a price) that fruits and vegetables are actually good for us. Now you can add to their ranks JuiceLand, an Austin-based juice bar coming soon to Park Slope.

A tipster told Park Slope Stoop about a help-wanted ad posted on Craigslist for JuiceLand Park Slope, which will move in to 337 9th Street, the site of a recently-closed We Buy Gold store. The ideal JuiceLand employee is “hardworking” and “energetic” in his or her quest to “satisfy customers by making fresh juice and thick smoothies” and “explain healthy options while helping the business grow and profit in a fun and upbeat work environment.”

Park Slope might be the last place in need of another juice bar, but JuiceLand’s nine Austin-area locations are quite popular, and the company has experienced rapid growth over the last few years (this will be their first location outside Austin). Predictably, JuiceLand has a bit of a mystical, Keep-Austin-Weird take on the juice thing, with an exotic menu (you’ll see superfoods like bee pollen, spirulina, and goji berries). No word yet on when it will be open.


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