The 7 Best Food Trucks In Brooklyn

All photos by Brooke Goldman

In case you hadn’t heard, the food truck trend was officially put on deathwatch some time ago. Crain’s started it. Eater and Salon concurred. And hell, we released a cryptic timeline not too long ago ourselves, chronicling the mobile eatery’s steady, inevitable demise. But until we’re officially unable to fulfill an on-the-go jones for bulgogi-stuffed tacos or Kool-Aid-marinated pickles (we’re looking at you, Wafels and Dinges!), there are still plenty of plucky purveyors worthy of our patronage. And each has what it takes to become a sustainable, brick-and-mortar business (if they haven’t gone that route already) that will carry their culinary concept through, even if trucks eventually go the way of the Dodo.




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