Actual Hotel Coming to Bushwick

Legit Hotel Coming to Bushwick
Photo via DNAinfo/Serena Dai

As of July 15, 2014, the only “hotels” in Bushwick are Bushwick Hotel, which may or may not just be a band, and something entitled Kings Hotel Apts, which one of its two Yelp reviewers said was in a great location because “there’s a McDonald’s nearby.” Needless to say, Bushwick is no Midtown, with its ostentatious plethora of Marriotts and Quality Inns, though the construction of a new eight-story hotel might change things.

A 77-foot, 116-room hotel is being constructed at 9 Beaver Street, one block north of the Flushing J stop, by developer Moris Yeroshalmy of 7be LLC, DNAinfo reports. The building should be completed by fall; however, that’s pretty much the extent of what we know about it, since Yeroshalmy apparently refused to give any more information. We can safely assume, though, that it will be at least a few notches more legit than the previous two.

Looks like the Associated Press might need to revisit that awful Bushwick travel piece to include another sentence about how to gawk at the most hipsters without leaving your hotel.

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