Mission Chinese Pop-Up Now Offering Takeout

Mission Chinese Pop-Up Now Offering Take Out
Image: Serious Eats

Way back in April, we came across the news that Danny Bowien was bringing a Mission Chinese pop-up to Brooklyn, following the unceremonious shuttering of the restaurant’s East Village location by the Department of Health. It seemed like the Frankies 457-based eatery might just be a one-off occasion, but nearly three months (and a great review of the restaurant) later, the pop-up has become a staple. And now, Bowien & Co. has taken things to another level: the Mission Chinese pop-up is offering takeout.

According to Eater, they officially joined the takeout game this Monday and the accompanying menu is different from the $40 prix fixe that we’ve come to know and love, but still delicious. Those picking up can choose from kung pao pastrami, mapo tofu, salt fish fried rice made with Chinese sausage, Benton’s bacon and rice cakes packed up with bitter melon and the Hong Kong crispy pork belly. All of that is going for $10, except for the pork belly, which is going for a cool $35.

The Mission Chinese pop-up is due to end this August (when Bowien will hopefully reopen Mission Chinese–in Manhattan), so make sure you head over soon. To buy tickets for the first come, first served prix fixe shoot an email to MCFpopup@gmail.com.

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