A Restaurant Is Coming To The Abandoned Forrest Triangle

Bushwick: A Restaurant & Bar Are Coming To The Forrest Triangle
Image: Bushwick Daily

If you’ve ever walked along Flushing Avenue between Central and Wilson avenues, you’ve no doubt seen the remnants of a cute, little restaurant floating in the middle of the Forrest Triangle, which sits almost directly across from 983 Bushwick’s Living Room. A short-lived cafe and performance space called Flushing Farms occupied the space in 2009, but went under pretty quickly, so the space has stood vacant for five years. But that sad era is coming to an end.

According to Bushwick Daily, the owners of the aforementioned 983 Bushwick’s Living Room are working overtime to return the Forrest Triangle space to its former gallery, and are planning to open some kind of restaurant on the site by fall.

The details are few and far between right now—renovations only began one month ago—but liquor will be involved and the as-yet-unnamed space will be “big and awesome,” according to 983 co-owner Darren Rubell. We just ask that they keep the Wah-Wah Hut—that little brown box with the blue paint has become a iconic.

Interested parties will find the new eatery and bar at 970 Flushing Avenue near Central Avenue.

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  1. I sure hope it’s better than “983” (which, spoiler alert, is actually just Life Cafe with a new name). My friends and I promised each other we would never eat there again.


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