Tips For Tips: What Are Your 4th of July Plans?


We’re probably spending our nation’s birthday in front of an air conditioner while drinking a beer and straining to see fireworks from our window. Here’s what some of Brooklyn’s bartenders will be doing… if they’re not working. Which they are.

Where she Presides: The Plank, Williamsburg
Favorite drink: The Arnold Palmer. Fresh squeezed lemonade with Firefly sweet tea vodka.
Uh, my family’s gonna be here. It’s gonna be a lot of stereotypical tourist action, probably like Macy’s fireworks, and all that. I’m excited to see them.

Where he presides: Surf Bar, Williamsburg
I’m gonna sit on her (pointing to waitress) rooftop, and I’m gonna pretend that I live there, and I’m gonna drink and barbecue.

Where she presides: Soft Spot, Williamsburg
Favorite drink: I make one that I named after myself. It’s like, rye, Campari, bitters and ginger beer. It’s so good.
Working, and then going to a rooftop barbecue.

Where he presides: Legion, Williamsburg
Favorite Drink: I mean, I usually go for the beer and the shot, but um, I don’t know. Fuckin’, a margarita or something really super easy.
Uh, I’m gonna try and fuckin’ find somebody with a fuckin’ roof or sneak up to a roof that’s down there on the East River. I went to Coney Island last Year and it sucked so bad. They weren’t even higher than the rides. I was really let down. And it was a shitshow, there were too many people.

Where she presides: Matchless, Greenpoint
Favorite drink: Whiskey. I really like Irish whiskey.
I have to work till about 12, and then I’ll see if anyone’s barbecuing, and stuff. If that was your big question, now is not a good week to ask! Everybody’s working.


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