Tenants At Williamsburg Luxury Building Staging A Rent Strike

Tenants At Williamsburg Luxury Building Staging A Rent Strike
Image: Brownstoner

It looks like shitty landlords are a universal truth no matter how much you’re paying in rent. According to Brownstoner, that holds especially true for residents of 53 Broadway, a luxury building in Williamsburg where tenants are currently staging a rent strike against their shady building owner.

The issue began back in March when residents of the South Williamsburg building (located at the corner of Wythe Avenue) complained to Brownstoner about ridiculously high electricity bills, parking lot problems and the lack of a promised 24-hour doorman. One resident reportedly received a heart attack-inducing $700 ConEd bill for her $4200/month two-bedroom apartment.

And now, three months later, it appears that enough is enough. On June 23, residents banded together and notified the building’s owner, Metro Management, of their planned rent strike. Metro reportedly didn’t respond and is most likely looking at a very empty mailbox today.

Best of luck to you, 53 Broadway-ers.

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  1. This place is a shithole! Moving out right away when my lease is up. Unreal. Do not rent here, it’s next level poor service on everything.


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