Chamber Of Commerce Now Certifying “Brooklyn Made” Products

Chamber Of Commerce Now Certifying "Brooklyn Made" Products
Image: Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce

Brooklyn producers rejoice! Your day has finally come: As of last month, local producers can now get super special stickers that certify that their products are 100% “Brooklyn Made.” Brokelyn reports that the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce recently launched their Brooklyn Made Certification Program to differentiate Brooklyn-made products from “unassociated products…using the borough name.” According to the Chamber, producers headquartered in our fair borough can now apply to have their products officially set apart from would-be imitators with a shiny gold sticker.

Here are the baseline rules:

  • Business must be a legal business entity registered as an incorporated business, a sole proprietorship, a limited liability company, cooperative, or partnership
  • Businesses must be headquartered in Brooklyn
  • Businesses must make or manufacture one or more physical products.

From there, certification will be determined through a points-based system that rewards producers for being hyperlocal. For instance, local businesses that employ a lot of Brooklynites or whose end-product incorporates locally-grown or locally-made products, will receive more points from the approval committee. So, a Greenpoint baker who only uses Mast Brothers chocolate and Greenhook Ginsmiths gin in some delicious cookie we’re making up off the top of our heads would definitely get certified.

One-time applications, which will set members of the Chamber back $25 and non-members back $50, will be reviewed by an independent board of Brooklyn-based manufacturing stakeholders on a quarterly-basis. For more information, visit the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce online. And here’s hoping that our already-pricey, locally-made products don’t get more expensive over a piece of sticky plastic.

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