Sponsored: Celebrate your EveryDay Moments with American Express

Some days, you just need to grab a to-go bagel and hit up the newest exhibit at your favorite museum. Other days, you’re more in the mood to try out an artisanal cocktail at the restaurant that just opened up next to your apartment. Whatever the case, these everyday moments are what make you yourself, and American Express wants to reward you for them!

In this video (which they’ve produced and animated), YouTube sensation Shameless Maya tells the story of her very own #EveryDayMoment.

These folks definitely get it, and if you’ve ever been in a situation like Maya’s (or maybe your moment has more to do with braving the crowds at Bedford & N. 7th on a sunny Saturday afternoon), you should check out their new EveryDay credit card!

By signing up for the EveryDay Card, you’ll be giving yourself a gift that keeps on giving. Whenever you use your card you’ll earn non-expiring Membership Rewards points (including 2x the points at U.S. supermarkets), which you can redeem with over 500 brands! As an added bonus, you can earn 20% extra points if you use your card more than 20 times a month. Top that with no additional fees, and we think you’ve got a great deal.

You’re a smart, savvy shopper; why not get rewarded for your #EveryDayMoments? You can get more info about the card here (and if you like Shameless Maya’s candid and playful style, check out her other videos).

This post is sponsored by American Express.


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