Literary Ladies of Brooklyn: Jonathan Safran Foer Is Now Single

AVAIL ^^^^^^^

Attention all female MFA candidates, literary publicists and sort-of-starting-to-maybe-think-about-working-on-a-novelists, your four-eyed, dark-haired, skinny, scruffy, sensitive, not vegan but you think he’s vegan, extremely famous imagined lover has legally separated consciously uncoupled from author Nicole Krauss, which means a Literary Brooklyn Power Couple Status is officially up for grabs. We shall start the bidding at one Great Novel.

Page Six reports that the couple split nearly a year ago, which, if anything, solves the mystery of why they tried to sell their $14.5 million Park Slope mansion last October. It’s still on the market, for those less interested in author gossip and more interested in beautiful six-bedroom homes with Tiffany-stained glass conservatories and that weird hand tree in the front yard.

Meanwhile, Foer has moved to a Boerum Hill brownstone (warning to future JSF GFs: Krauss lives nearby). So, uh, anyone feel like trolling for literary tail by conspicuously reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close at Brooklyn Inn?

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  1. Not even a little consideration for their kids, or that Nicole and Jonathan are two people going through a likely painful breakup? You know your publication has integrity when you’ve out Page Six-ed Page Six.


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