Beer Goes Better With Hot Dogs: Five Places With Cheap, Delicious Food

dirck the norseman at night

It’s a problem that happens more often than not: after a nice bout of responsible day drinking with friends, the urge to eat food suddenly overtakes you. You find yourself loitering on various street corners, running through a mental rolodex of bars that serve food that is both cheap and fast. You might end up eating dollar pizza while waiting for the G train. We’ve nailed down a few solid standbys, places to feed yourself for cheap. Check ‘em out, after the jump.

So cozy. So inviting.
So cozy. So inviting.

Soft Spot, 128 Bedford Avenue:  This bar is a true gem, seemingly untouched by the masses of humanity emerging from the Bedford Ave. L stop every weekend.  Maybe because it’s a little farther north than the masses usually wander, maybe it’s because it’s wedged between a weird bodega that doesn’t sell anything useful and the hardware store. Whatever the reason, anytime we stop by, it’s cool, dark and lovely, just the way we like it. We go for the beer and the shot special, but that deal is made all the better by the killer backyard, and the barbecue on Sundays where you can stuff yourself silly for cheap.

Photo by Cara Howe
Photo by Cara Howe

Dirck The Norseman, 7 North 15th Street: Nestled between warehouses on the borderland between Williamsburg and Greenpoint, neighborhood newcomer Dirck the Norseman boasts an impressive array of craft beer, and has some of the most delicious bar food we’ve sampled. Bartenders are friendly, the atmosphere is convivial, and if the interior gets a little too lively, grab some schnitzel or a wurst of your choosing and park your body on one of the outdoor picnic tables.

The view from the top of Lulu's.
The view from the top of Lulu’s.

Lulu’s, 15 Franklin Street:  You can’t swing a bag of locally-roasted coffee beans without hitting a bar that does a free pizza and beer combo, but LuLu’s is one of the best of its kind since the quality of the pizza is stellar. They have a robust beer selection and a nice upstairs balcony for added, ahem, privacy, if need be. Here are two patented tips for making your visit the most enjoyable: Get jalapeños on your pizza, and sit in the secret side room, right off the entrance.


Metropolitan, 559 Lorimer Street:  Everyone’s had a couple of lost evenings at this neighborhood staple, but do yourself a favor and take yourself there early on a weekend. Walk straight through the warren-like interior to the glorious back patio, where there’s a free barbecue every Sunday.

So much space!
So much space!

TBD, 224 Franklin Street: Just up yonder Greenpoint way sits TBD, one of our favorite spots to sit in the sun, have some beers and eat some hot dogs. This bar is pretty no-frills, but that’s not why you go there. Its real draw is the enormous (for New York, but hey, take what you can get) backyard and the well-priced weekend barbecue, Grillpoint.


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