Zosia Mamet Hosted a Very Bushwick Baby Shower for Designer Rebecca Minkoff

Zosia Mamet Hosted a Very Bushwick Baby Shower for Designer Rebecca Minkoff
Rebecca Minkoff and Gavin Bellour

What do you think of when you hear the words “baby shower”? Does your mind practically shut down at the thought of diaper cakes (yes, those are a thing) and… wait, sorry. Our minds just shut down at the thought of diaper cakes. But so, baby showers. They don’t exactly have the fun reputation of, say, bridal showers, which tend to feature such whimsical party favors as, uh, penis straws and the like; this is probably because most people don’t associate pregnancy with alcohol consumption, which, as we all know, makes everything more fun and, you know, whimsical. But what if a baby shower was hosted at one of Brooklyn’s best restaurants, featured signature cocktails (not for the mom-to-be, of course, for her—and whoever else wanted—there was a non-alcoholic option), and a makeshift photo booth? And what if the expecting parents were designer Rebecca Minkoff and producer/director Gavin Bellour? And the shower was hosted by, among others, actress Zosia Mamet? Well, then, it promises to be unlike any other baby shower we’ve attended.

Becky and Gavin’s baby shower (featuring its very own hashtag—#babygouda—which, no, doesn’t mean they’re naming their yet-to-be-born child after a Dutch cheese) took place at Bushwick’s own Fitzcarraldo last weekend, and was put together by the couple’s close friends Kat Clements, Brie Katz, Sara Larsen, Tali Magal, Zosia Mamet, Stephanie Minkoff and Jodi Ung. And while some of the traditional baby shower elements were present—gorgeous flowers from Hops Petunia and delicious sweets courtesy of Treat House and Babycakes—there were also some very Brooklyn-specific elements, including exceptional food from Fitzcarraldo (9-minute eggs with paprika aioli? chicory frittata? yes! and yes!) and cocktails courtesy of Belvedere and Veuve Cliquot. Plus, there was that hashtag.

The party’s decor—which include the photo booth, bowls full of lavender-and-white candy, an assortment of color-coordinated children’s books, and the gift bags—were all coordinated by Minted, and was the perfect backdrop to what had to be one of the more fashion-forward baby showers ever thrown. Departing guests were lucky enough to walk away not just with happy memories of celebrating the impending arrival of their friends’ child, but also with beautifully curated gift bags made by BKNY bearing the sentiment “I <3 Gouda,” and overflowing with goodies from Catbird, Indego AfricaApothekeEssieMast BrothersHELPSYRobyn RhodesHenri Bendel,  L’Oreal,  L’Occitane,  Ahava,  Soulcycle, and Berry Plus. 

Take a peek at all the baby shower fun in the slideshow below!


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