After the Encore: The 5 Best Whiskey Bars in Williamsburg

Hey, it’s been a long day. We know how it goes. The endless music, the new friends, the big crowds…and to think, it’s only day one. We love it, but at the end of the night, sometimes all we want to do is cozy up somewhere familiar with a glass of whiskey and some good company. Luckily, there’s no shortage of quality whiskey bars in Williamsburg where you can pass the post-encore hours of the night. Here are five of our favorites.

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Noorman’s Kil, 609 Grand Street
With shelves boasting over 400 types of whiskey, Noorman’s Kil is easily the crown jewel of Williamsburg’s whiskey bars. Don’t be intimidated by the impressive selection, though. The low-key, super-helpful staff will walk you through their list of upscale spirits and are just as happy to mix up a Manhattan as they are to pour a whiskey neat.

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Daddy’s, 437 Graham Avenue
Long beforeWilliamsburg ever graced the front page of the New York Times Style section, Daddy’s was slinging whiskey to Brooklyn’s finest up-and-comers. The neighborhood may have changed since then, but the bar hasn’t. Stop by for some post-show mingling with local label heads, your favorite musicians, or just to shoot the shit with your buddies.

The Whiskey, 44 Berry Street
What you see is what you get. The Whiskey is a pulls-no-punches neighborhood whiskey joint, built into the basement of an old tonic water factory on the north side of town. It has shuffleboard, Buck Hunter, nightly DJs, good food, and reasonable prices. As for the familial vibe, you can thank the founders: two sets of brothers who always make an effort to be around. And if you like what you’re drinking, bring a whole bottle home from The Whiskey Shop, the squad’s curated liquor store. It’s right next door!

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Isle of Skye 488 Driggs Avenue
The less pretentious Williamsburg outpost of the Upper East Side staple, Isle of Skye has been described as no less than “a whiskey wonderland” with a “book-length menu.” Here, the owner will happily let you sniff different bottles of whiskey—they have over 100—before you commit to one, then smile as you get cozy in the dark-paneled, elegantly medieval interior. (The choicest seats are on the six Chesterfield couches.)

No Name, 597 Manhattan Avenue
Don’t be fooled by the discreet entrance—this place will be packed every night by happy hour, when locals flock to knock back beers and drink their whiskey straight. The slim bar makes for a tight squeeze, but the back door leads into a sprawling backyard with plenty of space for rubbing elbows over picnic tables. Feel like a snack? Head to the noodle bar, where you can slurp homestyle Thai dishes, like Fishball Noodle Soup, for cheap.



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