Brooklyn’s 10 Most Kid-(and Adult-) Friendly Restaurants


When we hear about “kid-friendly” restaurants, it’s hard not to think of mealy french fries and lukewarm chicken nuggets. But come on. We’re in Brooklyn; we can do better than that. Much better. Here are our favorite restaurants that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike. You’ll never have to resort to Chuck E. Cheese again.

This spot does classic food better than just about anywhere else, and its juicy hamburger (served on a feather-light housemade roll) will leave customers of all ages wondering why they would ever settle again for a lesser burger. Also beloved by all is the crispy chicken sandwich, featuring what we think must be magic powder sprinkled on top, making it particularly addictive. (Seriously, though. Is it fairy dust??)
124 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg


Maybe Indonesian food isn’t the first thing you think of when you’re trying to satisfy children’s taste buds, but maybe you should try giving kids some credit for having the ability to try and enjoy new things? Besides, even the pickiest palate will love the spring rolls and coconut meatballs here. And those prawn chips? Addictive.
152 Driggs Avenue, Greenpoint


Speaking of international cuisine, introducing children to Ethiopian food will be easier than you might think. Why? Well, what kids don’t want to eat with their hands? It’s fun to scoop up piles of delicately spiced beans and vegetables (Bunna is a vegan spot, perfect for animal-loving kids) with spongy, addictive injera, an Ethiopian flatbread. Plus, everyone—everyone—loves mango-avocado-papaya joice. And it’s hyper-affordable, which is nothing to scoff at when feeding a passel of hungry kids.
1084 Flushing Avenue, Bushwick


Eating your vegetables has never been as fun (or delicious) as it is here. Whether you nosh on perfectly crispy French fries or cornmeal-battered fried mushrooms (or pickles, naturally), everything at this vegetarian spot is more than satisfying.
256 Fourth Avenue, Gowanus


Do you like pizza? Probably, right? Well, Emily is far superior to most local pizza spots (and we know you’d never even consider Domino’s, right?) in that it offers everything from basic pies to options with duck fat-roasted clams. Oh, and there’s a s’mores calzone. ‘Nuff said.
919 Fulton Street, Clinton Hill


This seafood shack is one of the best outdoor dining options in the borough—perfect for large groups that include kids. And the seafood is as fresh as it comes. Try the popcorn shrimp and the Jonah crab roll. Then play a postprandial round of mini-golf, because, well, who doesn’t love mini-golf?
24 Reed Street, Red Hook


This new arrival to Brooklyn’s barbecue scene is notable for a few reasons, but we guarantee that what your kids will talk about most is the Frito pie. Served right in the gold-and-red Frito bag, this Texas-style special is just a bag of corn chips with a huge pile of chili, cheddar cheese and sour cream dumped on top. Messy but delicious.
267 Flatbush Avenue, Prospect Heights


Is there anything more fun for a kid to eat than noodles? The noisy, wide-eyed slurping that would get them in trouble in almost any other situation is suddenly just totally acceptable, and they are beside themselves with joy. But you don’t want them slurping on just anything, do you? Of course not.
25 Bond Street, Downtown Brooklyn


Hummus can be enjoyed by the very young and the very old because you don’t need teeth to eat it. This place serves
the best you’ll ever have, along with delectable versions of other beloved Middle Eastern specialties like shakshuka and couscous.
1209 Cortelyou Road, Ditmas Park


This charming little spot on a quiet street is a no-brainer for families looking to enjoy a peaceful afternoon or evening meal of simple, elegant food that will allow the whole lot of you to feel sophisticated and sated. And they’ve got the best avocado toast in all of Brooklyn.
20 Columbia Place, Brooklyn Heights



  1. It’s important to note that Allswell only has ONE high chair. It’s a pain seating young kids when the only one is being used.


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