Food Diaries: The Eating (and Drinking) Habits of 5 Notable Brooklynites


The maxim “you are what you eat” has always bothered us because, well, we don’t always have the best eating habits. Are we really all of our craziest midnight snacks? (Maybe!) But despite not fully believing that you can judge people by their diets, we still love finding out what other Brooklynites use for fuel. Maybe it’s just general foodie voyeurism (why else would all those food porn shots on Instagram get so many likes?) or maybe it’s because we know that—even if we tried—we could never eat our way through all the culinary bounty that Brooklyn has to offer, so we like to live vicariously through other people’s eating habits.

We asked five notable Brooklynites to let us peek into their culinary lives as they ate and drank their way around the borough (or, in one case, the so-called sixth borough, Australia). Enjoy!

Photographs by Austin McAllister



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