Here’s a Look At Williamsburg’s New Seven-Story Single Family Mansion


We spend a lot of time defending Brooklyn as not being totally and tragically over, but maybe we were wrong. Dead wrong. Well, it was fun while it lasted, right?

Via Curbed, we learned that the corner of Kent Avenue and N. 7th Street will soon be graced with a seven-story, 9,700-square-foot, single family mansion. Though the residence will sit on top of a commercial site, it is intended for single-occupancy rather than multiple dwellings. Designed by firm Michael Muroff Architects, this building will “have private elevator access, an underground garage elevator, and a third floor infinity pool,” and will occupy a space that is the equivalent of  three separate lots. And while YIMBY promises that “aesthetically, the development will be appealing—especially for typical Williamsburg standards,” sorry, YIMBY, but we have eyes! That building is ugly.

Beyond being ugly, of course, is the fact that this building represents the ongoing determination of developers to turn north Williamsburg into little more than a playground for the extremely rich. It’s disheartening and disgusting and begs the question of what kind of a person would actually want to live in a place like this, a place that so completely feels anomalous in its environs. Unless, we guess, it isn’t the new residents who are the problem, but rather we who are now considered anachronisms.

Either way, it certainly seems like Brooklyn will soon have another most expensive—and ugliest—new home.

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