8 Wonderful Short Stories Set In New York City

8 Wonderful Short Stories Set In New York City
(Photo via Washington Square Review)

May is National Short Story Month, but—oh no! May is almost over, which means you’ve got very little time to read really, really good short stories. Seriously. It doesn’t count unless it’s in May. HURRY!

We kid, of course. A great short story is timeless and should be read any month of the year, and in particular today, because today is grey and gross and what’s the point of doing anything else, really? Here, we’ve rounded up eight very short, very good stories to keep you occupied while you tend to your late spring allergy bouts or whatever your fancy, literary New York life demands of you. Some are silly, some are sad, some are scary, but none will take you longer than twenty minutes to finish. And that, above all, should be reason enough.


  1. That’s one generation’s stories. All fine, but there are still some of us in another generation who grew up on stories by Grace Paley, Toni Cade Bambara, Bernard Malamud, William Melvin Kelley, Louis Auchincloss, James Baldwin, et al.


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