Check out this new app that helps you make last-minute plans with your friends

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We know what it’s like. As a busy New Yorker, you’re used to having so much of your life scheduled that it’s a surprise when you suddenly find yourself without plans. You’ve just finished a leisurely meal, and you ask yourself, “What should I do now?” If only you had a way to instantly and easily know what was going on nearby and what your friends were up to.

You can probably guess where we’re going with this.

Wingit is a free iPhone app (Android coming soon!) designed to help you find all the cool stuff that’s happening near you, now or in the near future. By scanning social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and MeetUp, Wingit finds events close to you in time and space, importing them into your app’s feed. Icons quickly tell you if the event is happening now or in the near future and how close it is to you.

The app is built to make last-minute plans with your friends easy and fun. You can import friends from your social networks, check-in to events to let your friends know you’re going, and create your own event by simply taking a picture, tagging where you are, and typing in a few details. You and your friends will have the tools to spontaneously converge on a neighborhood bar or gallery opening like it’s your own personal flash mob.

Wingit first launched in New York City and is also available in London and Tel Aviv — you can currently use the app for all three cities, with Paris on the way later this year. You can download it here for free… Maybe we’ll meet at your next hangout!