Roberta’s And Tiki Disco Have Broken Up

Roberta's And Tiki Disco Have Broken Up

Sad news today in the world of business relationships: After five years together, Roberta’s and Tiki Disco have called it quits.

According to Brokelyn, officials at Roberta’s told the blog that Tiki Disco would not be returning to Roberta’s famed garden this summer or Queen’s Knockdown Center, where even bigger shindigs were held last year. Rumors are abounding that between the change in Roberta’s management and the need to pump out frozen pizzas to Whole Foods Gowanus, the relationship just couldn’t continue. 

We really thought they’d last forever.

But before you fall into despair, remember we still have Ripper’s, the Rockaway Beach collab between Roberta’s and The Meat Hook, which opened for Summer 2014 on May 27th and whisperings that Roberta’s may opened a Rockaway Beach location in the future.

Not that a second Roberta’s would fill the hole in our hearts, but it would certainly help.

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