Brooklyn: Dog Attack Capital Of The Tri-State Area

Image: Virginia Dog Bite Lawyer

We always imagined that dogs attacking postal workers was some kind of myth, a longstanding Saturday morning cartoon trope. But as it turns out, it’s still a major and super real problem, one that plagues postal workers in Brooklyn.

According to a new report from the United State Postal Service, Brooklyn and Rochester led the tri-state area in dog attacks on postal workers with 18 attacks, closely followed by Flushing, Queens where 14 dog attacks occurred last year.

That’s pretty bad news, but at least we’re not Houston, TX or Los Angeles where 63 and 61 attacks happened, respectively. And the overall good news, is that dog attacks are down 5 percent since 2012. That has to count for something, right?

The USPS suggests owners lock up their dogs before picking up the mail to prevent dog attacks, but may we suggest that postal workers start bringing cats with them? Apparently, they’re saving people from dog attacks these days.

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