The 10 Best Outdoor Dining and Drinking Spots in Brooklyn

best outdoor dining and drinking in brooklyn

The moment temperatures stabilize at 50-degrees or above, there are three major changes we make to our routines:

1) We ditch hot coffee for iced coffee.

2) We gleefully swap out boots and socks for sandals and slip-on shoes.


3) We forgo dim, cloistered seating areas at bars and restaurants in favor of patios, courtyards, gardens and roofs — even if plummeting, after-sunset temperatures invariably leave us shivering in our platform wedges and shirtsleeves.

That’s why we’re always in search of establishments with superior outdoor spaces, and we’re not talking about rickety two tops on the sidewalk (although they’ll certainly do in a pinch). So let our guide to awesome, open-air eateries see you through the spring-summer season, and just say no to drinking indoors until September!

All Photos by Austin McAllister
(except where otherwise noted)


  1. Such one sided journalism. I know of at least 3 other spots in Bay Ridge that were not even considered for this article. Why is that?

  2. What about Lonestar Bar and Grill in Bay Ridge?? They have the best outdoor yard plus many TV’s and the best bartenders, wait staff, and owners.

  3. Really? If you do an article about outdoor eating and dining you should at least visit all of the bar/restaurants in Brooklyn that offer outdoor dining. What kind of magazine/news journal writes an article but doesn’t do the proper research and due diligence. Does not seem fair.

  4. How can you leave out the LoneStar, 8703 5th ave??? Their sports themed beer garden is by far nicer and bigger than any of your other selections!

  5. Oh.. I would totally agree that someone forgot to mention LoneStar Bar&Grill. We are not big fans of drinking but we love spending time on the backyard of that bar. Owners took care of it very nicely, I can not think of any other place that is made so well. We truly enjoy it there, especially if there is a game on tv. Also sometimes when there are not many people and there is a game (afternoon time for example), I like to come with my european friends because the bartenders would kindly put any game that you want on tv.


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