Park Slope Mainstay, Leaf & Bean, Going Out Of Business

Park Slope Mainstay, Leaf & Bean, Going Out Of Business
Leaf & Bean’s former Seventh Avenue location. Image: Here’s Park Slope

It seems like every time a mom-and-pop succeeds in this city, another one fails. Park Slope has been hit particularly hard this week, first suffering the loss of its South Brooklyn Pizza/Percy’s and now there are reports that the neighborhood’s coffee and loose leaf tea purveyor, Leaf & Bean, is set to shutter its doors at the end of the month.

The bad news comes via the Daily News, which reports that after 41 years in business the speciality shop’s owners are calling it a day for good.

Apparently, Leaf & Bean, which became well known for its great selection of coffee beans from around the world, has been in dire financial straits since 2009. The downturn in business led owners Vikki Cook and Karen Hue to move the shop to a smaller location on Lincoln Place in 2012, but it wasn’t enough to remedy the situation.

“Karen and I love Leaf & Bean and that’s why we struggled these past few years to keep it open,” Cook told the Daily News. “This is an option we chose so we can bow out gracefully before more dire straits.”

Leaf & Bean will close its doors at the end of the month when their lease runs out.

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