5 of Brooklyn’s Best Mexican Restaurants, Just In Time for Cinco de Mayo!

best mexican restaurants in brooklyn

Unless you happen to have been born in Puebla—where Cinco de Mayo commemorates their unlikely victory during a battle with the French in 1862—you probably view this coming Monday as Margarita Day. Or maybe Cerveza Day, owing to the lime issue. Either way, tacos and tequila will invariably factor into your evening plans.

But there’s no need to appropriate other people’s cultural celebrations in order to appreciate their food and drink. That’s why we’re happy to patronize these fantastic Mexican restaurants the whole year through; be it the fifth of May or merely as a pick-me-up during the dim doldrums of February.

All photos by Austin McAllister


  1. Zona Rosa, really? That is one of the few places I’ve ever felt compelled to write a negative review about. Okay, I never did write the review, but here goes. The setting is GREAT; it’s so unfortunate that the food is so awful. It’s bad for cheap Mexican; it’s bad for expensive, watered-down Mexican, which is what it is. That the place was nearly empty during Saturday brunch on a gorgeous spring day should have been a huge tip-off. Yet we proceeded anyways and dropped $60 on two nearly inedible dishes of slop. Also: nice-looking bar, terrible drinks.


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