Congratulations, You Survived New York’s 10th Worst Rainstorm

Congratulations, You Survived New York's 10th Worst Rainstorm
Rainstorms: Less romantic in the 21st century.

This morning, we woke up, looked out our windows and stared, bewildered at the dry air outside. What was this magical phenomenon called “not raining”? Why weren’t there beating pellets of wet death hammering down on our dusty, unused air conditioners? According to today’s weather report, what’s happening outside right now is merely “fog” as opposed to yesterday, when someone dumped the entire Atlantic Ocean over all of our heads.

However, some good came of yesterday’s soggy shoes and umbrella funerals: Now you can say you survived New York City’s tenth worst rainstorm!

The news comes via The National Weather Service New York’s Twitter account:

Congratulations all around. Now let’s go celebrate May Day by frolicking around in the flowers ominous fog!

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