Greenpoint Is Apparently The Best Place in America for Millenials

Greenpoint is the best neighborhood for millenials?
This could be YOU!

We’re no strangers to the lure of listicle-making (or, for that matter, the lure of Greenpoint), and Business Insider has unleashed a doozy, rounding up the “25 Best Neighborhoods for Young People” and declaring Greenpoint the very best place for millenials in all of America.

Here’s the reasoning:

“Home of Lena Dunham’s character on the HBO show “Girls,” Greenpoint is slightly safer and cheaper than neighboring Williamsburg. There are a few parks and a whole lot of young people, making this Brooklyn neighborhood a fun place to shop, drink, and eat.

The median rent in Greenpoint is $1,157 with residents averaging a median income of $31,703. 14% of residents are 25 to 34 years old.”

It’s not the most preposterous thing ever printed about Greenpoint, or about millenials; I’ve told anyone who would listen for ages now that if the rents were cheaper and the G train less of a nightmare, I’d set up camp in Greenpoint and never, ever leave. We’re skeptical at the “slightly safer than Williamsburg” statistic, though, and at median rent clocking in at less than $1,200 (unless we’re talking about individual rooms, not entire apartments). But then, this is technically all based on statistics, and if you can find a place in Greenpoint for that little money, more power to you. Know that you are making everyone in your life extremely jealous.

The data for this whole thing was put together by Niche Ink, and was based on factors including percentage of the local population between 25 and 34 years old, median rent, median income, percentage of the population with a bachelor’s degree or higher, racial diversity, and unemployment rate. Again, we’re a little skeptical on this point, but it’s interesting to note that the median rent listed here for Greenpoint—$1,157—is actually cheaper than in some of the other areas that made the top five, including D.C.’s Clarendon, and Cow Hollow in San Francisco. Guess there’s still a little time before we can really earn the right to complain as we move away in a priced-out huff. That is, until all of America’s millenials read this list and immediately flee their respective cities to find apartments as close as possible to Five Leaves. It’s, um, only a matter of time?

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  1. Greenpoint is also a Superfund Site and one of the most polluted, unhealthy places to live in the country. They don’t even know how to clean it. It’s in the soil, water etc..that is why it such a bargain. I saw a list of trouble spots and they are just about everywhere. Also if no one cares they will just move there anyway and push out all the Polish immigrants who are a stronghold in the neighborhood.


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