A Third Blind Barber Location Opens In Williamsburg

A Third Blind Barber Location Opens In Williamsburg
Image: Manhattan Sideways

Watch out Fellow Barber, you’ve now got some serious competition.

Yesterday, WWD shared the news that celebrated barbershop chain, Blind Barber, has officially landed in Williamsburg after nearly a year’s worth of wild speculation.

Last May, we heard the company was nosing around Brooklyn and had applied for a liquor license through Community Board 1. They were soundly rejected, which is not surprising considering the fact that this is the very same community board that recently denied bike rack requests to four local businesses in the ongoing “War On Cars.”

Anyway, in October 2013, DNAinfo reported that following the initial rejection, Blind Barber applied for a liquor license again and this time they only asked for permission to serve beer and wine. At the same time, CB1 asked them to close at midnight or 1 a.m instead of the 4 a.m. closing they initially proposed.

And finally, we now have confirmation that the new barbershop is open–with a liquor license in tow. By day, Blind Barber will serve coffee from Handsome Coffee Roasters and by night, they’ll serve beer on tap. On top of that, you can also do your haircare shopping there, too. There’s no word on what their official hours will be.

The shop is located at 524 Lorimer Street at Ainslie Street, which is a hop and a skip from the Metropolitan Avenue G and Lorimer Street L.

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