And Now, The Most Expensive Williamsburg Apartment of All Time

The most expensive apartment in Williamsburg 1
Photo via Douglas Elliman

Record-breaking in prices in Williamsburg condos don’t come as much of a surprise these days, but when one hits the market for $5.199 million—a price that’d render it the neighborhood’s all-time most expensive home—we’re still inclined to take notice. Or at the very least, to scam on the pictures and see what all the fuss is about.

Curbed reported today on a two-unit combination for sale in Two Northside Piers, a Williamsburg waterfront building that’s already home to the neighborhood’s current record-holder, a $3.6 million penthouse unit. Technically, the duplex hasn’t sold yet and therefore hasn’t set any records, but even if it sells significantly below its asking price—and how often do you hear about that happening?—it’ll most likely be the priciest sale the neighborhood’s ever seen.

And, per these pictures, it looks pretty nice! Spacious, good view, nice natural light, snazzy kitchen, all the hallmarks you’d now expect in a multi-million dollar home that isn’t even a fancy house. The weird detail here, though, is that since it’s a sale of two separately owned units that haven’t yet been merged, this would also be something of a fixer-upper, and require expensive construction work in addition to its astronomic asking price. Once combined, broker Douglas Elliman writes that the duplex would become “a 5 or 6 bedroom, 4.5 bath residence anchored on the Northeast corner of the prominent Northside Piers, with 2 large balconies.” It seems like the whole point of buying in a fancy new condo building is not to have to deal with renovation headaches, but in any case, even if this does end up setting the neighborhood record, we bet it won’t hold that title for too long.

The most expensive apartment in Williamsburg 2
Photo via Douglas Elliman

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