Crowdfunding Saves Brooklyn Heights Cinema

crowdfunding brooklyn heights cinema

The system works!

Today, the endangered Brooklyn Heights Cinema announced that they’ve reached their $30,000 fundraising goal and can now give the theater a much-needed upgrade.

In February, we shared the news that BHC landlord Tom Caruana had put the theater on the market after the Landmarks Preservation Commission denied his request to build “intensely preservation-minded” residential units above the theater.

Owner Kenn Lowy issued a statement saying that while Caruana supported the theater, he would only keep it open if BHC made itself viable. For Lowy, viability meant purchasing digital projectors and now with $31,611 in their pocket, the theater will be able to leave film rolls behind.

Here’s Lowy’s response:

WOW! I could write that “we did it”, but “You did it!”

We cannot thank you enough for getting us over the top. Any extra money we have will go towards purchasing a few more things, a blue ray option, automation, the ability to play films directly from computers (for local film makers) and more.

The (second) best thing about all this is that the fundraising goal was actually reached because a lot of people made small, yet significant, contributions. If that isn’t a community seal of approval, we don’t know what is.

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