Pamphlets Encouraging Entrepreneurs To ‘Join The Gentrification’ Going Around

join the gentrification east williamsburg bushwick
Image: Animal NYC

Well, at least they’re being honest, right?

The folks at Animal NYC came across a pre-April Fools’ Day post on local blog Oh, Great claiming that there is a pamphlet going around Brooklyn inviting business owners to “join the gentrification” in the “ultra-hip” Morgan-town area. Apparently, the pamphlet is being disseminated by a developer seeking to fill an 8,700 square foot space at 25-29 Themes [sic] Street starting on July 1.

The above rendering is part of the pamphlet and as you can see, it features a group of gentrifiers reading, yammering on their phones and staring off into space while enjoying baskets brimming with soft pretzels or onion rings (you decide) as well as Banksy ripoffs.

Such exposed brick! Much mood lighting!

The space is going for a negotiable $40/sq. ft. and one John Du of Bushwick Retail is heading up the whole operation.  Prospective renters can give him a call at 917-887-5602.

Let’s just say, if this is an elaborate hoax, it’s really, really funny (in a sad clown way). If it’s not, it’s really depressing (also, in a sad clown way).

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