Barclays Center May Get A Green Roof

barclays center green roof

If everything goes according to plan, Barclays Center may soon resemble a Chia pet.

According to Atlantic Yards Report, developer Forest City Ratner has announced plans to turn the building’s roof into a 130,000 square foot green roof that would be accessible to the public.

Here’s an excerpt from the Draft Supplementary Impact Statement the arena’s administration will soon present to the Empire State Development Board:

In addition to the above, the project sponsors are considering the construction and installation of a green roof on Barclays Center as a new sustainable feature of the Arena. If installed, it would consist of the construction of a secondary roof with a structural system to hold a green sedum tray system very similar to the sedum roof at the transit entrance in front of the Arena. It is expected to cover most of the roof and would consist of approximately 130,000 square feet of sedum, making it one of the largest green roofs in New York City. It is expected that installation of this Phase I component would commence in 2014.

AYR suspects that the green roof is also meant to address ongoing concerns about the excessive noise caused by the bass at some Barclays Center concerts. Apparently, those 1800 sound baffles they had installed in February didn’t do the job.

Whatever the case, we’re going to start this trend now: #barclayscenterbeergarden

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