McNally Jackson Is Coming To Brooklyn

Image: New York Bound Books

Once again, we’ve read the Times so you don’t have to and came across this juicy tidbit in an article on large and small bookstores going under. Depressing, we know, but the highlight of the whole thing is that Lower Manhattan bookstore McNally Jackson is coming to Brooklyn!

According to the Times, McNally Jackson owner Sarah McNally spent years shopping for storefronts in the Upper East Side, but found that she couldn’t afford the $40,000 rents for even the smallest spaces. An intrepid employee urged McNally to begin searching in Brooklyn and lo and behold she found a “‘magnificent,’ loftlike space with a 20-foot ceiling.”

McNally Jackson Williamsburg (address as-yet-unknown) is set to open this fall. In an email, McNally told us it will be located at N. 4th Avenue and Wythe.

Seeing as North Brooklyn has very few general interest bookstores, with the exception of Word in nearby Greenpoint, it will be a welcome addition.

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