Looks Like Goodbye Blue Monday Isn’t Closing Just Yet

Image via Yelp/Nadia Z.
Image via Yelp/Nadia Z.

After announcing a couple weeks back that they’d be shuttering for good if they didn’t raise $7,000 to cover a bunch of back fines, Bushwick DIY-venue-slash-cafe-slash-junk-shop Goodbye Blue Monday seems to have staved off death, at least for a little while longer.

A message on their Facebook page yesterday linked to a post about a planned April 3rd show that read, “All is good with this show. Goodbye Blue Monday will not be closing.” and on their own page this situation was explained as follows:

what he said is the truth.
yes, indeed.
a reprieve from the governer was issued, officially at 2:20pm today with the spanking-new consumer-affairs permit posted on the wall behind the counter (it’s not a bar, it’s a counter. bars have bars, ok?) thankss PAS and all your friends and neighbors. the 19 annual experi-Mental Fest is locked in for another year!

It looks like their gofundme campaign was a success—it raised $7,305 of the necessary $7,000—though it’s unclear what will happen after their impending rent hike; the landlord reportedly plans to double it when the lease is up in a couple of months. The clarification about “it’s not a bar, it’s a counter,” also makes one wonder about the state of their beer and wine license.

We’ve reached out for comment, and’ll update if we hear any further details. But for now, a nice reprieve from depressing news, and as good an opportunity as any to browse the Etsy site where they’re selling off scraps from the venue. Long live GBM.

Update: Goodbye Blue Monday clarified that their beer and wine license is just fine (phew), and reiterate, “it’s a counter, not a bar.(it’s a cafe, not a bar).” Fair enough. No word on plans for the cafe’s life post-rent hike, though.

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