Man Jumps Onto L Train Tracks, Survives, Then Disappears

We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried.

According to the Daily News, a man jumped down onto the L Train tracks at the Canarsie station early this morning to retrieve his cellphone despite warnings from the people around him. As he climbed down onto the tracks, which are more than four feet below the platform, an L train barreled into the station.

Apparently, the man laid down in the trough between the tracks (kind of like a rat I saw last week who was eating a piece of bread and had no plans to abandon it) and the train passed over him. When it pulled out of the station, he was unscathed.

His fellow riders didn’t know that so they called 911.

By the time emergency personnel arrived, the man was gone–like a whisper on the wind.

The MTA is not impressed and would like you to watch their stunningly dramatic PSA, “Kevin and the Train,” starring MTA spokesperson Kevin Ortiz, on why going after your cellphone if it falls on the tracks is a terrible idea.

Don’t say they didn’t warn you.

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