Bike Accessory Chronicles: Swedish Firm Designs a Detachable Coffee Cup Holder

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When you think about it, it’s actually a little surprising that we’ve spent all this time in possession of bike-friendly sausage grills and wine racks, but never any kind of basic cup holder. Seems like a case of miscalculated priorities. In any case, Bookman, a Swedish company that specializes in sleek bike accessories, has sought to remedy the problem, with the above design for a clip-on coffee cup holder.

Their website explains the design as follows:

It is easily attached to the bicycle thanks to the clever spring steel construction. Open the spring by pressing the rings together, place it on the handlebar and let go. The cup holder clamps down on the handlebars and sits firmly in place never losing grip even during rides over bumps and potholes.

The Bookman Cup Holder can be flipped and used with either the smaller ring or the lager ring depending on cup size. The storage cube helps flatten the cup holder and makes it easy to take with you when not on your bike.

Caution! Cover cup completely with a lid to avoid spillage.

We’re a little skeptical about whether or not any device, no matter how sturdy, could stem the inevitable spurting of coffee from the lid of the average cup (especially not along the rampant potholes of say, Bushwick Ave.), but if this thing is good as it claims to be, it could be a pretty big game changer for a whole lot of people. They’re not even sending these out to people who’ve bought them until mid-April, but if someone picks one up, let us know how it goes. In the meantime, here’s their video explaining how the whole thing works:

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